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Notting Hill Townhouse

Aftertouch were involved from an early stage in the infrastructure cabling and audio visual systems design for this large project, and the brief developed to include a professionally-designed lighting scheme and a centralised Lutron lighting control system.

The Lutron system would introduce energy consumption improvements (through e.g. “all-off” functions when the house is vacated, and by allowing lights to be set to maximum levels e.g. 90%), but no attention was paid to working out how to reduce the considerable gas bills that the owner was accustomed to, and to providing better regulation between areas of the house to allow a consistent level of comfort throughout.

By the time this came under consideration, significant works had been carried out relating to the central heating pipework in the premises which would have caused considerably delays to allow a traditionally ‘zoned’ central heating control system to be installed. aftertouch hence proposed a system whereby, without requiring any changes to the single-zone pipework arrangement, the premises would be split up into almost 40 discrete zones of heating control, including electric under-floor heating.

The delivered system allows the occupants to review & configure all of these zones in an easily navigable smartphone/tablet/PC/Mac app. It’s straightforward to switch off bedroom/bathroom suites when not occupied, and each suite (and all other rooms) has access to individual time-clocks allowing each suite to be customised to each occupant or guest.


Size: 850 sq. m. (9,150 sq. ft.). Aftertouch contract value: £150,000 Categories: Entertainment, Convenience, Comfort, Modern Essentials, Energy Management, Security

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Easy occupancy settings allow entire suites to be turned off when not occupied.

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The same is possible for groups of rooms elsewhere in the premises. It s unnecessary to heat the dining and drawing rooms when they re not in use.

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The main menu simplifies all of the possibilities of the configuration of this system into a few intuitive sections.

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"Drilling" down a couple of levels opens up a comprehensive set of configurable settings for each of the 7 bedroom/bathroom suites; here we can see the under-floor heating can be timed to operate, independently of the towel rails in each bathroom!

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Detailed logging and visualisations allow performance to be graphically documented, allowing straightforward troubleshooting and diagnostics (if on the rare occasion this is necessary).

aftertouch‘s scope also involved the integration of temperature sensors in the most discrete fashion possible. To achieve this, we integrated minute temperature sensors within the Lutron light switches in suitable locations. As these sensors are colour coded to suit the various metal finishes of the light switches, they are barely visible and certainly don’t compromise the smart look of the Lutron metal plates.

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