Multi-room Music

Even a Sonos system can be tweaked to provide really impressive results and a great quality of sound.

With discreet, high quality speakers you can listen to beautiful music in any room.

A step up to a higher spec system takes multi-room music into a new domain where the quality of sound sits comfortably within the realm of HiFi Audio.

  • Play music easily from even your guest’s iPhones
  • Access online music services like Spotify through native iPhone interfaces

We try to incorporate speakers which add to the aesthetic of a carefully considered interior design scheme, but we’re also resourceful at coming up with ideas of how to discreetly hide speakers.

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Fast WiFi & Home Network

Life’s too short for unreliable WiFi, and many of our lives become overly complicated and affected when our home networks don’t work reliably.

We offer a range of Home Network options which are all ‘centrally managed’ meaning that the performance between areas of coverage within your house is consistently reliable.

Our more comprehensive network solutions provide really advanced usage statistics so that we can monitor who’s hogging the internet connection and slowing everyone else down! This helps ensure reliable performance across all devices in the home.

Our experiences with business IT systems ensures that our data networks are resilient and secure.

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Multi-room Video

By centralising equipment such as Sky boxes and Blu-ray players, we can allow these devices to be available from any TV location: Imagine being able to access all your recorded programmes from any TV location throughout your house.

This clever type of arrangement brings the significant added benefit of dramatically reducing the amount of clutter in each room too: no more messy equipment cupboards below TVs. Claim these areas back for storage of things that are important to you in your life.

Another advantage is that the number of subscriptions to services such as Sky can be reduced; a multitude of TVs can be services by a single Sky box, for example.

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Lighting Controls

Working with you or your designer, we’ll help you make your careful lighting designs easy to use, and energy efficient.

What makes us different is the emphasis of our designs is to deliver a system that’s easy to use; it’s far too common that we hear that home owners are left with systems which are not intuitive to use. In our eyes this is unacceptable; a light switch should be simple to operate, and a child should understand how to operate it.

Our experience with fusing advanced lighting controls with traditional style light switches allow us to deliver the advantages of advanced technology within a traditional interface.

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Easy Remote Controls

With our intelligent remote controls, it’s easier than ever to turn on and tune in with minimal fuss. Forget about looking for written instructions sheets to do the simple things, like watch the news.

Our remote control systems will even ensure that guests to your house won’t have a problem with navigating your movie library or selecting one of your video sources.

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Heating Controls

While the prevalence of improved heating controls is commonly publicised presently by the media, the art of integrating granular heating controls within many of our larger buildings is often neglected. Considering that 70% of total energy consumption of our homes is towards heating, getting it wrong can have uncomfortable effects (not only sensory, but financially too).

Our heating control designs ensure that your home is perfectly comfortable, without costing the earth.

  • Automatically turn down the heating in bedroom suites or entertaining rooms when not in use
  • Allow heating levels on a per-room basis, with individual schedules
  • Turn on the heating from afar
  • Link your heating to your alarm system so that all heating is turned down when away on holiday
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Door Entry & Access Control

With our sophisticated door entry products, we can provide facilities that aren’t immediately obvious, such as the ability to see who’s knocking on your smart phone while out and about (and even the ability to let them in).

Our experience with biometric fingerprint reader systems enables us to provide a consolidated and scheduled system for allowing access to your property at any time. And the advantages of not having to fumble with a set of keys in order to access your premises are obvious.

Know who’s knocking, and let yourself in without keys

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Security Alarms & CCTV

Coordination between the security & fire alarm systems in the home and other Home Technology aspects can bring many advantages that aren’t immediately obvious.

This is why it makes sense for the security & alarm systems to be integrated with the assistance of a single technology integration specialist.

Feel secure in your home with remote monitoring, setting, and notifications

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  • “ Aftertouch quickly proposed a cost-effective solution and implemented it within a very tight schedule.”

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    Notting Hill 2013
  • “ Aftertouch have installed a high end 65" TV on a custom made automated wall mount, made the Wi-Fi work all around the properties, set up a great home cinema system with Sky, and it all work on one easy remote.”

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    Notting Hill, 2013
  • “ Aftertouch have coordinated with cabinetmakers and carried out custom designed set-ups so the end result is stylish and reliable.”

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    Oxfordshire 2013

Aspects of everyday life that revolve around entertainment: Listening to music throughout the home, catching up on TV, or watching a movie in an immersive home cinema.


Tying together many of the de rigueur basics to make spaces work better: Simplified remote controls allowing easy operation of TV, and consolidated control of lighting & window treatments (e.g. blinds & curtains), security, and door intercom.

Modern Essentials

Reliable & speedy WiFi internet access, well thought-out TV & music, proper home heating controls, easy to use lighting. These are no longer luxuries we can live without!


Have the heating and lighting in your immediate environment adjusted to just the way you like it, without having to think about it.

Energy Management

Taking small steps to reduce energy consumption makes our living environments more comfortable, and makes us feel better as we reduce wastage (and reduce running costs)


Safety and peace of mind will be enhanced through the use of well thought out security & fire alarm systems, discreet cameras, remote notifications, and links to lighting. We can use technology to makes us feel safer in our homes (or just see who’s at the door)

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