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The Boltons Townhouse

The challenges on this project were twofold. The first was the timescale: It was important that our work on site was completed within a one week period, in the immediate run up to Christmas. The second challenge was rationalisation: The client already owned a large collection of audio/visual equipment and did not have the appetite to go to the lengths of replacing all of it in order to achieve their goals.

Aftertouch was requested to make sense of a visually messy and practically unreliable whole house AV system. The customer had suffered as the purchaser of a great property which came at a price; the AV system (and other systems…) was poorly designed, installed, unreliable, poorly integrated, and generally chaotic! Unfortunately we regularly see installations like this. The process of resolving such a problem system is generally long-winded and often quite complex.


Size: 460 sq. m. (5,000 sq. ft.). Aftertouch contract value: £40,000 Categories: Entertainment, Convenience, Comfort, Modern Essentials, Energy Management

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As is often the way with this sort of work, the great results were hard to achieve but worth it! We found the main AV enclosure was an awkward layout (wide as opposed to tall) and that some of the most important considerations for the design of such an enclosure had been completed overlooked: ventilation & power distribution.

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We removed the bad stuff, dealt with the ventilation, sorted through the good stuff, and organised into a well ordered and easily maintainable rack enclosure. The resulting Sonos based music system, with Control4 for AV controls and a combination of Rotel & high-end Denon AV equipment has provided a reliable operation and much enjoyment in contrast to the dilapidated original system.

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