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Belgravia Penthouse

This small but perfectly formed Belgravia penthouse apartment was subject to a very long build time due to a number of reasons. Working within this particular local authority’s district always proves to be a demanding and very exacting science – We at Aftertouch have been subjected to this scrutiny in the past and so we felt confident to tackle this project.

The client’s brief to the design team was to develop the aesthetic to as much of a traditional British style as possible. Our direct brief was to implement a stunning HiFi audio system (with, thankfully, a little leeway on the acceptability of free-standing loudspeakers for the primary listening room) and to implement a sophisticated lighting control system while keeping the method of control within keeping of the overall interior design.


Size: 150 sq. m. (1,614 sq. ft.). Aftertouch contract value: £50,000 Categories: Entertainment, Convenience, Comfort, Modern Essentials, Energy Management

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The lighting control system requirement presented an exciting opportunity for our implementation of a KNX based lighting control system with a little magic in the background. The system is extremely easy to use; primary control (offered via the traditional Forbes & Lomax light switches themselves) allows easy operation of the lights in each room e.g. simple on/off.

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But any adjustment to each scene is made via the secondary controls (iPad/Tablet app). This means that it’s easy for anyone to control the lights (as it should be!), while the sophisticated convenience of lighting scene settings are available for those who should like to use it.

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Each bedroom & bathroom features a carefully hidden TV, and a Control4 remote control system provides simply the easiest and most reliable mechanism to allow the owner & guests to watch Sky TV and other content without complication.

Top of the range in-ceiling speakers with sealed (and fire-rated) enclosures provide the audio in each of the bedrooms and bathrooms, with a Sonos multi-room system feeding into some high spec Rotel amplifiers (which really helps eek out the best possible audio from Sonos).

Lexicon amplification & transports, attractive Sonus Faber, and ProAc speakers provide the higher-end of the HiFi required. All controlled simply and modestly via the Control4 remote controls.

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